Foreign authorities require the superlegalization of documents in order to receive and subsequently process your application. We will help you with the superlegalization of documents for marriage, citizenship, etc.

What is document superlegalization

If you have a document that is needed for processing in the UAE, United Arab Emirates, such as documents for study or work, processing a temporary stay, obtaining citizenship, or confirmation of marriage, you need to superlegalize these documents. Superlegalization is, simply put, legalization. This act gives the necessary documents a legal clause proving the verification of the stamp and signature in another Contracting State, by affixing superlegalization certificates. These certificates are printed and stamped clauses by the relevant superlegalization body.

How many superlegalization clauses are needed?

While in the case of apostilization only one confirmation is sufficient, in the case of superlegalization, at least two, but sometimes four superlegalization clauses or certificates from several ministries, embassies, or another competent authority are required for each document. Each superlegalization has different procedures.

Marriage in the United Arab Emirates, UAE

Are you planning a wedding in the UAE? Then you need the superlegalization of your birth certificate and citizenship certificate for a valid and state-recognized marriage.

Study and work in the United Arab Emirates, UAE

Studying in the distant United Arab Emirates, the UAE and gaining experience of the local culture and life is a dream of each of us. Treat yourself to short-term or long-term study or work abroad. This will require the superlegalization of your diploma and certificate.

Temporary residence and citizenship

Superlegalization of a birth certificate, marriage certificate and criminal record is required for temporary residence or citizenship in the United Arab Emirates, UAE.

How to handle with superlegalization of document

Dealing with superlegalization in the UAE authorities, the UAE is a very complex process in which many hidden risks can arise. Contact our professionals who will help you with the superlegalization of all documents. We have extensive experience in handling superlegalization, which is why we guarantee fast and trouble-free processing.

When is it necessary to complete superlegalization and when is an apostille enough?

Before embarking on a journey to process all the necessary documents, it is necessary to find out when apostilization of the document will suffice and when superlegalization needs to be addressed. The apostille was established on the basis of the „Convention on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents“ or the so-called Hague Convention in 1961, and its competence includes almost all states, except for some exceptions where superlegalization is required. The situation is more complicated for superlegalization. The document needs to be verified by several different authorities. Which is very time and money consuming.

Selection of forms for superlegalization of documents

First of all, when processing the superlegalization of documents, it is necessary to select a suitable form. At first glance, the situation may seem simple, but even the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, UAE regularly changes the appearance and content of forms. Therefore, we recommend using the most current one. The form and content of the application shall be updated by the competent authority abroad.

To fill in the form correctly, you cannot do without knowledge of a foreign language, including knowledge of legal and professional terminology.

It is also necessary to find out the age of the document for the issue of superlegalization. If you have a document issued 3 years or 6 months ago – depending on specific examples, such as a birth certificate or an extract from the criminal record, then it is necessary to request a new original document.

What is federal superlegalization and state superlegalization

First, verify that the state in which you are requesting document superlegalization is in a federation or not. If you are calling for the superlegalization of documents in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, then the situation is more complicated in this regard. It is necessary to know whether federal superlegalization or state (one of the emirates) is enough. You can find these tasks, for example, in the extract from criminal records, but also documents such as birth certificate and diploma from university, etc. There are more variants, and if you are not quite sure, you should consult with specialists who have to deal with these experience documents and save you not only time but also large financial costs.

When is nostrification needed for superlegalization?

In order to use the relevant documents abroad, it is sometimes necessary to arrange nostrification. This certificate is based on the official recognition of the validity of an authorization obtained abroad, which is used in deciding on the validity of a foreign certificate.

Nostrification is required for academic documents, certificates or diplomas and other documents.

How to pay for superlegalization and notification of documents abroad?

In foreign countries, administrations do not have to accept payment cards or bank transfer payments. Some authorities require payment of the superlegalization of official documents or their notification by payment in cash, by check or stamp at the appropriate value. In this case, it is necessary to carry cash in the appropriate state currency. Experts from will help you handle document superlegalization and notification easily, quickly, cheaply and without worries.

How to have superlegalization sent back to the Czech Republic?

To send superlegalization of documents back to the Czech Republic, it is possible to use the post office or courier service. All you have to do is enclose a return envelope with the correspondence data filled in and also fill in the correct value of foreign postage stamps.

The second option is to prepay the courier form to the applicant’s return address. For safe and fast delivery of your documents, we recommend using one of the courier services: FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

How long does it take to complete the superlegalization of documents?

The time since the processing of the application of superlegalization of documents takes a relatively long time and depends mainly on the correctly performed, above-mentioned tasks and their successful completion. The whole process can be complicated by incorrectly filling in the form or documenting old documents. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of the language, we recommend that you contact our experts. They will take care of all the steps for you, for the smooth processing of document superlegalization.