Official documents that you can prove at offices, embassies or other state institutions in Lebanon must be legalized by superlegalization. What is superlegalization of documents, how to make it?

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Superlegalization of documents for Lebanon

If you need to use the relevant Czech document in Lebanon, then you have to superlegalize it. It is a so-called legalization, i.e. a legal component that proves the verification of the stamp, signature and accuracy of data on a given document in another state, in the form of affixing superlegalization certificates by the competent authority.

In contrast to apostille, it is necessary to place two, sometimes four superlegalization clauses or certificates from several ministries, embassies or the competent authority on each document during superlegalization. How to handle the superlegalization of a document, what do you need to know for the correct execution of superlegalization and how is this process paid for in foreign countries?

Marriage, temporary residence or acquisition of citizenship in Lebanon

Are you planning to hold a wedding ceremony in Lebanon or do you want to resolve a temporary stay or citizenship in this country? In this case, it is necessary to arrange for the superlegalization of your birth certificate, marriage certificate and extract from the criminal record.

How long does it take to complete the superlegalization of a document and when will it be delivered?

The time of processing the superlegalization of the document depends on the correct completion of the form, documentation of the necessary documents, payment to the competent authority and subsequent delivery by post or courier service. The whole process is time consuming. If you have no experience with superlegalization, we recommend that you contact our specialists at We will be happy to help you with not only superlegalization, but also with apostille or nostrification of diplomas.

Forms for superlegalization

The application for superlegalization of the relevant document is completed on a pre-printed form, which can be found on the Office’s website or in its filing office. If you decide to use the online form, then use the latest version. In our country and abroad, the forms are regularly updated. If you use an out-of-date version of the form, your request will most likely not be processed. To complete it, you need to know the official language, including legal and professional terminology. Use the current document for superlegalization. Most authorities accept the age of a document between six months and three years, depending on the specific case. If the document is older, apply for a new one, again at the relevant office. Here again, keep in mind that a new document is subject to a statutory period of 30 days. If you need an urgent settlement, expect a fee, according to the relevant price list, which can be found on the website of the competent authority.

Execution of superlegalization in Lebanon

If you need to handle the superlegalization of documents in Lebanon, for their use in the Czech Republic, you must prepare for lengthy paperwork, including the settlement of fees at the relevant office. Superlegalization of documents most often concerns the birth certificate, diploma, certificate, marriage certificate or extract from the criminal record. For trouble-free and, above all, timely completion of superlegalization, we recommend using the services of our experts, who will help you negotiate legalization in time and without unnecessary additional fees.

Study or work in Lebanon

Studying in Lebanon is prestigious for Czech students, as is adult work in this country. For these purposes, it is necessary to arrange the superlegalization of a diploma or certificate. For work in Lebanon, we also recommend arranging the nostrification of your diploma or certificate.

When is an apostille enough and when is superlegalization needed?

It is first necessary to find out at the competent authority whether an apostille or superlegalization of the relevant document is sufficient. The apostille was established on the basis of the „Convention on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents“ or the so-called Hague Convention in 1961, and its competence includes almost all states, except those that require superlegalization. It is then necessary to have such a document verified by several different authorities during super-legalization, which can be very time-consuming. We recommend that you complete the superlegalization well in advance.

Federal or state superlegalization?

To deal with federal or state superlegalization, it is necessary to know where the state belongs. If you are applying for a superlegalization of a document for the USA, then find out whether you are applying for a federal superlegalization or a state. This case applies, for example, to an extract from the criminal record, birth certificate, university diploma, etc. Not sure about this? Contact us, we will advise you on the choice of federal or state superlegalization. We will handle the entire administration for you in a hurry, without additional financial expenses.

When is nostrification necessary for superlegalization?

Some documents need to be not only superlegalized but also nostrified for use abroad. Nostrification is the official recognition of the validity of an authorization obtained abroad, which is used in deciding on the validity of a foreign certificate. Nostrification is required for academic documents, certificates or diplomas.

Payment for superlegalization of document abroad

Payment for superlegalization in Lebanon is possible in several ways:

     by check,
cash at the cash register.
Payment for superlegalization of the document is always made in the currency of the country. If you choose to pay by check, you must have a check linked to a bank account abroad with the required foreign currency balance.
Our specialists at will be happy to advise you on paying for the superlegalization of documents in Lebanon and other countries.

Sending legalized documents to the Czech Republic

Do you need to handle superlegalization in Lebanon and are you thinking about how to send a document to the Czech Republic? There are two options:

You will enclose an envelope with the return address with the application, including the correct value of foreign postage stamps.
Use the prepaid form of the selected courier company – here it is recommended to choose the most common courier services, such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. Beware of situations where not all courier services guarantee delivery there and back.

If you do not have a helping hand abroad, we recommend ordering delivery through our company We guarantee you trouble-free delivery of your documents on time.