To complete all the necessary actions at offices and embassies in foreign countries, superlegalization (legalization) of the marriage certificate is required. How is the marriage certificate superlegalized?

Superlegalization of a marriage certificate and its use

The marriage certificate is a basic document that is needed to carry out various acts at offices, embassies, ministries and other bodies in foreign countries. The marriage certificate is owned by every person who has entered into a marriage, and therefore it is quite common for it to be necessary to superlegalize it in order to positively process your applications at the relevant state administration bodies.

Common tasks that require superlegalization of the marriage certificate

Marriage certificate superlegalization is quite commonly used when applying for:

allowances for a child born abroad,
you are planning a wedding, but you were born abroad and for that you also need a certificate of citizenship,
you are applying for dual citizenship,
you need to arrange a temporary stay abroad,
you will use a marriage certificate abroad to handle the acts there.

Superlegalization of a marriage certificate in the country

In the Czech Republic, the superlegalization of a marriage certificate is a relatively complex process. To process it, you need the original marriage certificate, which must not be older than three years. Copies, photocopies or other forms of copies cannot be superlegalized. If necessary, the marriage certificate can be issued in the form of an official copy – a duplicate, which can also be superlegalized. This act is subject to a fee and officials have 30 days to complete it. Therefore, request an official copy well in advance. We can arrange a new marriage certificate quickly and reliably for you.

What can happen when a marriage certificate is superlegalized abroad

The marriage certificate can also be superlegalized abroad. However, pay attention to the period of the original of your marriage certificate and do not forget about the fees that cost.

How to pay abroad for the superlegalization of a marriage certificate

In the Czech Republic, it is possible to pay for the superlegalization of a marriage certificate by payment card, transfer, cash, stamp, etc. However, some authorities abroad do not accept payment by card or bank transfer. In these cases, you must have cash in the given currency, or a stamp or check. Typical examples are federal and state agencies. They only accept checks (but make sure that the check is linked to a local account in local currency and a sufficient balance), stamps, or payment directly in cash.

Beware of the slow processing of your application

Many authorities, banks and other institutions only require documents that do not exceed three months of age. A technical problem arises, for example, when establishing a trade license abroad, when a bank requests an extract from the Commercial Register with superlegalization not older than 3 months to open a company account. The problem is not only in the age of the extract from the Commercial Register. Both documents must not be older than 3 months.

A similar example is also in the case of temporary residence, when you submit an extract from the criminal record verified by superlegalization which should not exceed 3 months. This is because it can take a long time to process individual documents. Especially when you handle everything remotely.

How to have a superlegalized marriage certificate sent to you

For a positive settlement of superlegalization in foreign countries, it is necessary to supply the original of the verified document. When sending by post, the competent authorities also require a return envelope with the completed address of the applicant and a valid foreign stamp. You can also use the services of courier services, to which you can pay for the service by bank transfer, and the others will handle it for you. However, beware of situations where some foreign branches of popular couriers do not allow foreigners and non-residents to order these services. Our company specializes in handling the superlegalization of the marriage certificate. Give us your request and we will take care of the rest.

Filling in the form for superlegalization of the marriage certificate

Each of the foreign countries has its own forms with its own content, which are designed directly for the superlegalization of the marriage certificate. Dealing with the superlegalization of a marriage certificate requires the completion of a form that is different for each state. Once you submit the wrong form, your application will most likely be rejected.

Also pay attention to the selection of the current form. As in our country, as in other countries, the forms are regularly updated. Therefore, even a year old form may no longer meet the current requirements of the competent authority and your application for superlegalization of the marriage certificate may be rejected.

When filling out the form, it is necessary to know a foreign language, legal and professional terminology. Otherwise, an incorrectly filled out form may occur and the superlegalization will not be successful.

How to distinguish between federal and state superlegalization

For some countries, just one standardized form is not enough. When dealing with superlegalization, it is necessary to know whether a given state belongs to a federation, as is the case with the United States of America, consisting of several individual states that have their own laws. When processing your application, you must distinguish between the concepts of federal and state superlegalization.

Chaos when filling out an application for superlegalization may not only occur with the marriage certificate, but also with the superlegalization of a university diploma, certificate, extract from the criminal record, etc. Carefully read all the requirements that you must meet when processing the application, or contact us and we will handle the superlegalization of documents quickly and without unnecessary additional fees.

Nostrification of licenses and diplomas

Are you going to study abroad or are you going to work far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic? In both cases, you will need to carry out official recognition and verification of the authorization obtained, called nostrification.

This method of verification is used for diplomas, extracts, certificates and other academic degrees. To verify academic documents, it is necessary to identify which document needs nostrification at all. The process itself is time consuming, so start by completing the nostrification in time.

Issuance of the original document for Superlegalization

If you are requesting the superlegalization of a marriage certificate or an extract from the criminal record, in addition to the superlegalization itself, it is necessary to issue the original document for superlegalization. In addition, some documents have only a limited validity. Authorities usually only require a document that is not older than 3 years, in some cases even only 6 months.

Apostille or superlegalization of a marriage certificate?

Document verification and legalization can be very difficult in certain countries. When applying, pay attention to what level of verification you will actually need. While in some states an apostille would suffice, in others they require superlegalization. This problem occurs, for example, when buying or selling a company abroad. Knowledge of local law or someone who will advise you on the procedure is required to carry out the correct verification.