Do you need to superlegalize a certificate in the Czech Republic or abroad? The process of superlegalization is complicated and demanding, and unnecessary mistakes can deprive you not only of time but also of money.

In the article you will find:

what you will need before applying for superlegalization,
what to look out for and what to avoid (forms, documents, etc.),
when superlegalization is necessary and when it is enough to apply for an apostille,
when nostrification of the certificate is also required.

In what situations is it necessary to superlegalize a report card?

There are two situations where you need to superlegalize a report card.

You have completed your studies abroad and you need to legalize your report card in the Czech Republic for further study or employment.
You have completed your studies in the Czech Republic and you want to continue your studies or work abroad and you need a legalized proof of study in the Czech Republic

How to apply for superlegalization of a certificate in the Czech Republic

Have you returned from abroad and need to officially verify the validity of your certificate? You will probably have to superlegalize it. There is a long process waiting for you – filling out forms, running around the offices and looking for stamps.

What you will need:

Obtain the original or duplicate of the certificate issued to you by the school or university – certified copies of the certificate cannot be superlegalized, due to the       impossibility of verifying the authenticity of the documents.
Verification of the certificate at the school, school office or at the Ministry of Education of the country. This verification confirms the authenticity and validity of       the certificate to other authorities.

Then you can apply for a superlegalization of the report card. You will do so at the embassy of a foreign country in the Czech Republic and there they will also give you further information on how to proceed.

If you need to superlegalize a report card quickly and without unnecessary downtime, it is best to seek professional help. offers complete superlegalization without unnecessary worries.

How to apply for superlegalization of certificates abroad

If you need a certificate issued in the Czech Republic, have it legalized abroad, use the procedure we have prepared for you and thus prevent unnecessary mistakes.

Differences between superlegalization and apostille

First of all, make sure that it is necessary to apply directly for superlegalization. In most countries, all you have to do is ask for an apostille. It is a shorter and simpler process, which is not so time consuming.

Most countries are bound by the so-called „Convention on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents“, also called the „Convention on the Apostille“.

The countries covered by this convention can be found here. If the state is not contractually bound by this convention, then it is necessary to apply for superlegalization.

How to superlegalize a report step by step

If it is necessary to superlegalize the certificate, then prepare the necessary documents and certificates.

What you will need to do before superlegalization:

Ensure verification of certificates with several different authorities

Central authority that issued the certificate (Ministry of Education)
Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The embassy of the state in which the document will be used

Apply for a duplicate of a legalized document

Another complication occurs in a situation when you do not need a document which is older than 3 years, in some cases even 6 months for superlegalization.In this case, it is necessary to obtain a duplicate certificate.

Find out if it is a federal or state superlegalization of the report card

This point applies only to those of you who are applying for superlegalization in a state where a so-called federation is established (e.g. the USA, Brazil, Argentina, etc.), i.e. the division of state power between federal authorities and state authorities. If so, then make sure you have the correct form. There is a difference between state superlegalization and federal superlegalization, and the selection process is not entirely simple.

Payment for superlegalization in advance

And we must not forget the information to pay. In most countries, bank transfers have not yet been introduced at the authorities to pay the fees, so you have a choice of 3 options to pay for the certificate verification:

Buy stamps of the required value and enclose them in an envelope with the application
By check
Cash at the office

The easiest method is to buy stamps and enclose them in an envelope with the application. The other two options are ideal for those of you who live in the country.

If you are verifying the certificate from the Czech Republic, then choose either variant no. 1 or contact help. Contact and get professional help and complete coverage of the entire superlegalization process.

Stamps for return delivery of a superlegalized certificate

In order for the super-legalized document to be sent back to you, the application must be accompanied by postage stamps in the appropriate value and currency of the country.

You can also use courier services and order delivery there and back, but many courier services are only imported abroad, but no longer imported back from abroad.

Where can I pick up the forms?

Forms for applying for superlegalization of certificates abroad will be issued to you at the embassy of the Czech Republic abroad.

You can also download downloadable versions of these forms on the Internet. Make sure the forms are up-to-date and do not reject your application, based on outdated forms.

Nostrification of the certificate yes or no?

Nostrification confirms that certificates or diplomas issued in the Czech Republic have the same weight abroad or, if you wish, they are comparable to diplomas and certificates issued in a foreign country. If you want to open a medical practice abroad, you will probably need nostrification. You can find where to apply for nostrification and what you will need here.

How long does the process of superlegalization take?

And how long does it all take? If you decide to solve superlegalization yourself, it depends on all the already mentioned steps and the speed of their settlement.

If you order superlegalization through specialists from, your request, with all other necessary details, will be processed in the shortest possible time and without errors.