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Are you planning a longer study or work stay in the United Kingdom or do you need to arrange document verification for the local authorities? We will advise you on how to handle the apostille of documents.

Apostille of documents for the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a picturesque country that is visited by thousands of Czechs every year, whether for work, study or other purposes. However, if you want to settle with the local authorities, you need to apostille your documents. You will learn how to handle apostille and when document verification is required in the following article.

What is apostille and superlegalization of documents?

An apostille is a legal clause concerning a certificate of verification of the stamp, signature or content of a document in a foreign country. The authenticity of the document is verified by affixing superlegalization certificates issued by ministries, embassies and other state administration authorities.

Most states accept apostille documents. However, there are cases where superlegalization is required. Superlegalization is a more complex process and ensures the highest level of document authentication. Therefore, two, sometimes four clauses from several entities are needed, such as competent authorities, embassies, ministries.

Apostille of documents in the United Kingdom

It is a more complicated process to deal with apostille abroad. For a positive settlement, it is necessary to provide original documents with an issue from six months to three years, depending on which document you want to apostille. If you have an older edition of the document, apply in the Czech Republic to the competent authority for a new one. Please note, however, that there is a time limit for issuing a document, usually around thirty days. If you need to issue a document faster, you must pay a fee in the amount according to the current price list. You can always find the amount of the fee on the Office’s website or on its official notice board.

Unfortunately, older documents may not be accepted by the local authorities. It is also necessary to fill in the form in question. You can find it in the filing room at the relevant office or on the website. However, pay attention to the current version of the form. Each office regularly changes the appearance and content of the forms. The use of an out-of-date version downloaded from the website may not be accepted by the Office and your request for an apostille may not be granted. In the end, all you have to do is pay for the act and arrange delivery to the Czech Republic. He will be happy to help you with apostille abroad at apostila.cz. We will process your request quickly and without unnecessary additional financial costs.

When is an apostille of documents needed for the United Kingdom?

There are many examples where you will need to verify the authenticity of your documents. The most common are:

Wedding in the United Kingdom

If you are planning to get married in the UK, you will need an apostille birth certificate and a certificate of citizenship. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you are planning a wedding with a UK citizen. Apostille of documents is always required if you are not a UK resident or citizen.

Temporary residence and citizenship in the United Kingdom

If you are thinking of a long-term stay in the United Kingdom, arrange for the superlegalization of a birth certificate, an extract from the criminal record and, if necessary, an apostille of the marriage certificate in the Czech Republic. The same applies if you want to apply for the United Kingdom citizenship.

Work and study in the United Kingdom

Studying in the UK is a prestigious affair for a high school and university student, as well as working in that country. If you decide to study or work in the UK, arrange for an apostille of your birth certificate and verification of your diploma or certificate. If it is a job in the field of health care or another field, then ensure the nostrification of a diploma or certificate.

The difference between a state and a federal apostille

When requesting the apostille of a document, it is necessary to find out whether a state or federal apostille is sufficient. This problem is solved especially in the federal states, which are often visited by the Czechs. This is the USA or Brazil. Our specialists will help you with the processing of the state or federal apostille, who will process the apostille of your documents in the respective country, including its delivery to your hands, quickly and without additional financial costs.

Nostrification of documents for the United Kingdom

Nostrification of a diploma, certificate or certificate is done if the validity of your study authorization is recognized. It is mainly about healthcare, etc. We will be happy to help you with the nostrification of documents on the website www.apostila.cz.

How to deliver an apostille of documents to the Czech Republic

By sending the documents by post, do not forget to enclose the enclosed envelope with the given correspondence address in addition to the enclosed documents. When using the courier service, pay particular attention to the possibility of ordering a shipment with return delivery

Payment of fees for apostilization of documents

Payment for acts related to the apostille of documents is possible in several ways:

payment by check – check here whether the check is linked to a bank account abroad with a sufficient balance,
stamp payment,
cash payment – always made in the appropriate currency.

How long does an apostille of documents last abroad?

The settlement of an apostille abroad is a lengthy process, mainly due to the legal deadlines for its completion. It also depends on the correct documentation of all documents, forms and subsequent delivery back to the Czech Republic. If you are unsure about document apostilization, or need to process document verification faster, please contact us. We will provide you with apostille and superlegalization, including nostrification on time and without unnecessary additional fees.