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If you need to apostille a report card at home or abroad, then know that this is a really difficult process and unnecessary mistakes will cost you not only time but also money. In this article, we will introduce you to what is needed for apostille, what to look out for and when superlegalization is needed, when apostille is needed and when nostrification of report card.

Application for apostilization of a report card in the Czech Republic

Do you need to have the validity of a report card from abroad verified in the Czech Republic? It is very likely that you will have to apostille him. In that case, you will not avoid running around the offices and looking for various stamps and filling out forms.

To apostille you need:

Have the original or duplicate of the report card issued to you by the school or university – certified copies of the report card cannot be apostilled, due to the              impossibility of verifying the authenticity of the documents.

Have the report card verified at school, at the school office or at the country’s Ministry of Education. This verification confirms the authenticity and validity of          the report card to other authorities.

If you have the original report card, you can request its apostilization at the embassy of a foreign country in the Czech Republic. Here they will also tell you how to proceed.

If you turn to experts, you will get rid of worries and stress. Apostilization is a very demanding process.

Application for apostille of a report card abroad

When studying or applying for a job abroad, it is necessary to have a report card from the Czech Republic apostille. Our guide will help you avoid problems.

Apostille vs. Superlegalization

The very first step is to check whether it is necessary to obtain an apostille or superlegalization. Most countries require an apostille that is faster and less demanding to complete. Most countries are bound by the so-called „Convention on the Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents“, also called the „Convention on the Apostille“.

If the state is not contractually bound by this convention, then it is necessary to apply for superlegalization of the report card. The countries covered by this convention can be found here.

Apostille report card step by step

In case you need to have the apostille of the report card, prepare the necessary documents.

To apostille you need:

Arrange for the report card to be verified by several authorities:

Ministry of Education
Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The embassy of the state in which the document will be used

Apply for a duplicate of a legalized document

The problem arises in a situation where you will not want to apostille a report card older than 3 years at the office. It is then necessary to request a duplicate         report card.

Find out if it is a federal or state apostille for the report card

If you are going to apply for the apostille of a report card in countries such as the USA or Brazil, where state power is divided into state and federal, then it is           necessary to check that you have the correct form. State and federal apostilization are different.

Payment for apostilization

Payment information is very important. Apostille cannot be paid by bank transfer. You have the option to pay for it in three ways:

by purchasing the appropriate stamps
by check
in cash in person

Return of the apostilized report card

In order for the competent apostille office to send you back, you must enclose an envelope with a return address and stamps of the appropriate value (in the currency of the country). Courier services can also be used, but many do not provide a document delivery service back abroad.

Apostille application forms

Request the application form for apostille of the document at the embassy of the given country in the Czech Republic, where they will also advise you on the procedure. If you are downloading a document from the Internet, make sure you have a current and valid version of the form.

When is it necessary to apostille a report card

  1. As a rule, there are two situations where it is necessary to deal with the apostille of the report card:

2. You have completed your studies abroad and the report card must be legalized in the Czech Republic for further study or due to employment.
You have completed your studies in the Czech Republic and you want to continue your studies or work abroad, and you need a legalized proof of study in the            Czech Republic.

Is nostrification of the report card necessary?

Nostrification of the report card confirms that the report card or diploma issued in the Czech Republic has the same weight abroad as the diplomas and report cards issued in the given country.