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How to get an apostille from England

The process of obtaining an apostille consists of several steps. First of all, you need to find out whether the document can be apostilled, i.e. whether England allows you to apostille the given type of document (send us a photo or PDF document). It is also necessary to find out whether the document will be used in a country where apostille or superlegalization is required. Superlegalization is a more complex process than apostille and is required, for example, in the United Arab Emirates. If the document can be apostilled or superlegalized, you can request apostille. You need to fill in a verification form filled in with information about you and about the documents you need to apostille, a blank A4 envelope with postage stamps and proof of payment (bank check, stamps), which you must send to an address that varies depending on how you send documents and from where you send them. The validation fee varies depending on the type of document. Postage for returning documents by courier or for a prepaid envelope varies according to the destination.

If a bank, insurance company (health, social or private), office or other governmental authority requires you to provide an apostille for a document from England (the United Kingdom), this means that you need a confirmation from the United Kingdom Government by signature, seal or a stamp on a specific document certifying that the document is genuine. This certificate is referred to as the apostille.

How long does it take?   

Apostille in England is usually completed within 48 hours plus the time of dispatch by courier or post. Whether there has been a delay from the normal processing time can be found out by phone or email. Commercial agencies dealing with apostille and superlegalization have the opportunity to register for a premium service for apostille and superlegalization.

Payment methods

You can usually choose from several payment options for payment, such as the UK money order, bank check, or online payment. If you have problems with payment, use the services of an expert and send an e-mail to our address or contact us https://www.apostila.cz/kontakt/

Where to send your request

The addresses for sending a document for apostille and superlegalization are changing and it is best to use the services of experts and they will send the documents for you.

Apostille and Superlegalization in England – Contact information

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