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What is the use of the apostille from the Czech Republic in the USA?

The apostille from the Czech Republic is most often used in the USA when marrying in the USA, when issuing a birth certificate or for confirming citizenship, also when you want to establish a permanent or temporary residence in this country. You always need an apostille for an extract from the criminal record, birth certificate, marriage certificate or, for example, an extract from the Commercial Register with an apostille in the case of opening an account for a company.

How fast is the process?

To process documents at the bank, at the offices or when transferring companies, it is necessary to have a document and an apostille that are not older than three months. The most common case when opening an account in the Czech Republic for foreign companies is to provide an extract from the Commercial Register. It must not be older than 3 months and the same applies to the apostille. If you have an older extract from the Commercial Register, it is difficult to obtain a new original document.

There are many situations where it is necessary to have a new document and an apostille. You can solve this in the case of an application for temporary or permanent residence abroad, then you need to have valid documents not older than 3 months. Their settlement is often time consuming, especially when dealing remotely from abroad. It is therefore a better and sometimes cheaper solution to contact the experts who will handle everything for you.

What is the use of the apostille from Delaware in the Czech Republic?

However, the opposite situations also occur when you need to use a document from Delaware in the Czech Republic, for example in the case of buying a Czech company or when selling a Czech company by another company from Delaware. If the seller or buyer of a Czech company is another company that is from Delaware, even in this case it is necessary to provide an extract from the criminal records, which is provided with an apostille.

In the state of Delaware, the apostilles on documents are issued by a Delaware government official (state secretary of registries, judge or county official) or recognized by the notary office of the Corporate Division of Dover.

Documents submitted to the apostille must meet the following requirements:

Certificates of birth, death and marriage require the signature of the Secretary of State at the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services.

Notarial documents must contain a duly executed certificate with a notarial stamp, signature and date and proof of appointment as a notary.

Before the apostille is issued, documents written in another language must be translated into English.

In order for an apostille to be accepted, the document must be 8.5 x 11 inch plain paper, printed in black, with 1 inch and 2 inch edges at the bottom.

Academic diplomas, transcripts of records must be notarized before being sent to the apostille.

If you want to use your document in a country that is part of the Hague Convention, you need an apostille. Otherwise, you need verification and embassy / consular legalization.

When to choose an apostille and when a superlegalization?

It often happens that people have no idea if they need apostille or superlegalization. Banks or various authorities will only issue general information about the apostille, without stating that superlegalization is necessary for a given country. Incorrectly provided information can make processing documents quite complicated. In the case of buying or selling a company abroad, a proven signature on the contract is required to transfer the company, the official will tell you that he wants an apostille, but later there may be a situation that superlegalization is actually needed.

Processing the original document can be time consuming

The biggest problems in processing an apostille abroad can occur when processing a document, when one of the authorities issuing the apostille allows its processing only for documents that are not older than 3 years or 6 months and then it is necessary to get a new birth certificate or extract from the register penalties. It is not easy to handle new documents from abroad.

Apostille application forms

An application for apostille is submitted on forms that have a content and form standardized by a specific foreign office. You can find many versions of this form on the Internet, but beware, it may be an outdated version. Its use leads to the automatic rejection of the application. If you are not fluent in a particular language or legal terminology, processing this form may be a Spanish village for you. Then it is appropriate to contact an expert who is familiar with this issue.

Beware of federal vs. State Apostille

Because states like the United States and Brazil function as federations, they also have two parallel organ structures. Germany is also one of them. Each state in a given country issues its own documents and thus its own apostille.

The same is true of federal agencies, which also issue their own documents and the federal apostille, and it is so difficult for the average individual to know when he needs a state extract from the criminal record and the state apostille and when, on the contrary, documents and the federal apostille. If you are dealing with a birth certificate, diploma or, for example, the sale of a company abroad, you should rather entrust yourself to experts.

When the nostrification is required

For verification of some documents, it is necessary to have not only an apostille, but also nostrification, i.e. recognition of the validity of the authorization obtained abroad. These are most often various diplomas, certificates or documents recognizing your retraining. As a rule, you need nostrification for diplomas for teachers and doctors from abroad who want to study, teach or work as a doctor in the country. Then it is important to turn to an expert who will ensure both apostilization and additional nostrification of the necessary documents.

Method of payment for the apostille abroad

In the case of settling an apostille abroad, fees must also be paid. However, it is not as simple as here. The first problem occurs if you want to pay by bank transfer. In many countries, transfer payments are not made at the offices. You can only pay by check, stamp and possibly in cash at a personal meeting.

When ordering an apostille at an office abroad, you must provide the correct form and check, which is linked to the local bank and a sufficient balance in the currency of the country. To avoid complications, it is a better solution to ask experts for help.

How to receive back apostille and document

Foreign authorities also require an original document to process the apostille, to which they attach the issued apostille. In order for them to be able to deliver everything back to you, it is also necessary to deliver an envelope with the return address and stamps of the relevant post office. Obtaining foreign postage stamps is almost impossible.

The same problem is with the courier service. It is not possible for foreigners to request a return shipment. The prepaid courier form is only for residents of the country who have a permanent residence here. Experienced professionals will help you with the processing, payment and delivery of the document with the apostille.