Have you studied in your home country and are you now planning to continue your studies in the Czech Republic or work in your field of study? It will probably be necessary to go through the process of nostrification of your diploma. Nostrification is an official confirmation that your education achieved abroad corresponds to the Czech one.

When is nostrification necessary?

For foreigners, the nostrification of diplomas is required especially in case of reasonable doubts about the education obtained. For example, it is necessary in the case of an application for an Employee or Blue Card

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What diplomas need to be nostrified?

Diploma nostrification concerns the verification of diplomas on the achievement of:

Secondary and higher vocational education
Higher education
The nostrification process also applies to state-regulated professions, the list of which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Nostrification of high school diploma

To nostrify this type of diploma, it is necessary to provide a certificate and a complete list of subjects that you completed during your studies. In the absence of a course that is in the Czech Republic as part of compulsory education, you may be ordered to take a nostrification exam, which must be passed so that your diploma is equivalent to the Czech one. The competent authority will choose the school (usually near your place of residence) where the nostrification test will take place.

Along with the certificate, you will also submit a completed application for nostrification and a document confirming the address of your stay.

If your residence is in Prague, the necessary documents can be submitted to the City of Prague. If not, you can contact the regional authority in the vicinity of your residence. The nostrification process takes approximately 30 days.

Nostrification of a university diploma?

First, you need to make a notarized copy of the diploma and its supplements. The document must state the subjects you studied and the number of hours of each of them. If you do not have the number of hours specified, you must contact the archive of your home university, where they will issue this document back to you. Furthermore, it is necessary to have all these documents translated into Czech and verified by a certified translator.

Then you have to choose the Czech university that best corresponds to the field you studied. You must submit the completed application for nostrification together with the attached copies in person or by post to the university of your choice.

How much does it cost to nostrify a university degree?

September 2016, Act No. 137/2016 Coll., amending and supplementing Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on higher education institutions and amending other acts (the Higher Education Institutions Act), as amended, introducing the obligation the applicant to pay a fee of CZK 3,000. How long will it take to nostrify the diploma?
The request for nostrification is usually processed within 60 days. The nostrification process involves these steps.

First, the Czech university will contact your home university and check whether you have actually studied there, followed by a comparison of the subjects you study with Czech subjects together with the hourly allowance you have met, and finally compare the specialization you have acquired.

In case of maximum agreement, your diploma is immediately nostrified and together with a positive decision, a certificate is issued confirming that your education obtained abroad is identical to the Czech one. This is how you can recognize a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Failed nostrification

In the event that you have chosen the wrong university that was supposed to nostrify your diploma, the university will offer you the opportunity to forward your application to another suitable university through the Ministry of Education. Most applicants are successful and will receive a positive answer, but if you were not successful – do not despair, you can appeal against the official decision within 15 days to the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

If you want to be sure that your application for nostrification is filled in correctly or you do not want to worry about handling the entire process, you can contact the company dealing with it.

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