Superlegalization of documents in Qatar is required by the local authorities primarily for marriage, citizenship or residence. How to get confirmation and who will help you with the settlement?

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When it is necessary to complete the superlegalization of documents

Life brings many interesting experiences and unusual experiences that you can experience first hand in Qatar, for example. Here are some options when you need to do document superlegalization:

What is document superlegalization

Qatar is a lucrative destination not only for tourists, but also for students, workers in various fields and people who want to stay in the country for a longer period of time, for example in the form of a temporary stay or acquisition of citizenship. All these options require the superlegalization of documents, which will ensure a smooth settlement in the offices.

Superlegalization of documents is the so-called legalization of documents. This task provides all documents with a legal clause proving the verification of the stamp and signature in a foreign country, in our specific case in Qatar. Certificates are issued by ministries, embassies and relevant state administration authorities. The certificates are then printed and stamped with the relevant superlegalization authority.

When superlegalization is needed and when the apostille

Sometimes just an apostille of documents is enough, other times it is necessary to complete the superlegalization. The apostille was established on the basis of the „Convention on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents“ or the so-called Hague Convention in 1961, and its competence includes almost all states, except for some exceptions where superlegalization is required. The situation is more complicated to deal with superlegalization. The verification document must be verified by several different authorities. As each office has a set legal deadline for processing the document, processing is lengthy. If you need to complete the superlegalization of a document quickly, contact our specialists, who have extensive experience and will process it quickly and cheaply.

Form for superlegalization of documents

For the smooth handling of document superlegalization in Qatar, it is necessary to select the updated appropriate form. Keep in mind that every office, even in Qatar, updates its forms irregularly. Therefore, always remember to select the current version. If you fill out an out-of-date form, your application may be rejected.

When filling out the form, you must know a foreign language, including legal and technical terminology, to avoid possible administrative errors. Also, don’t forget to document the current document. Most often, documents for superlegalization must not be older than three years. For example, in the case of an extract from the criminal record, should not exceed six months. If you have an older document, have it issued to the relevant authority in the Czech Republic. Keep in mind here that the processing of this form is also given by the legal deadline, which can take the whole process by several weeks.

Execution of superlegalization of documents

In order to handle the superlegalization of documents, it is necessary to handle individual actions. Abroad, it is a lengthy and complex process. If the applicant does not have sufficient knowledge, we recommend leaving the superlegalization of documents to the hands of experts from, who will also prepare an apostille of documents or nostrification of diplomas and certificates.

The difference between federal superlegalization and state superlegalization

To learn federal or state superlegalization, you need to know whether the state in which you are requesting document superlegalization is federal or not. If you are requesting the superlegalization of documents in Qatar, for example, you must know whether federal superlegalization or state (one of the Emirates) is enough. There are many variants, for example, an extract from the criminal record, birth certificate, marriage certificate or university diploma. For the error-free handling of document legalization, we recommend that you ask our specialists for assistance, who will arrange for you to verify the documents quickly and without unnecessary additional financial costs.

Marriage in Qatar

Wedding on endless beaches, picturesque architecture and the most luxurious hotels in the world. This is Qatar. Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding right here? What is needed for this? Superlegalization of your birth certificate and confirmation of citizenship will suffice for a smooth marriage.

Study and work in Qatar

Are you studying a field where you can draw on experience and knowledge from a foreign country, such as Qatar? If you are going to study in these countries, then you will need to superlegalize your diploma or certificate. The same is true if you are interested in work here. For example, if you are a doctor, then it is also necessary to complete the nostrification of the diploma.

Superlegalization clauses and their number

If you only need to apostille the document, you only need one confirmation. In the case of superlegalization, at least two, sometimes four superlegalization clauses, or certificates from several embassies, ministries or other competent authorities are required for processing. Each superlegalization has different procedures. If you are dealing with superlegalization for the first time, contact our experts in, who will help you answer all the necessary questions and help you with the superlegalization of documents.

Temporary residence and citizenship

Is a normal holiday not enough for you to explore Qatar? Do you prefer a long-term stay that requires a permit? For temporary residence, but also for the settlement of citizenship, it is necessary to document the superlegalization of the birth certificate, an extract from the criminal record and, if applicable, the marriage certificate, to the local authorities.

Diploma nostrification for Qatar

There are fields that cannot be pursued without proof of a relevant university diploma. As is the case with doctors, for example. The certificate is based on the official recognition of the validity of the authorization obtained abroad, which is used in deciding on the validity of the foreign certificate. Nostrification is required for academic documents, certificates or diplomas and other documents.

Payment for superlegalization of documents abroad

Payment of fees at embassies or other offices can be more complicated abroad than in our country, in the Czech Republic. Public administration offices abroad do not have to accept payment by credit card or bank transfer. Some authorities require payment of superlegalization of official documents or their nostrification only in cash, by check, or stamp. In this case, it is necessary to appear in person at the office and pay the fee in cash in the appropriate currency. Avoid possible misunderstandings at the local authorities in Qatar and rather entrust your requirements to our professionals from, who will handle the issuance, payment and handover of your documents.

What about sending documents to the Czech Republic?

After completing all tasks at embassies and relevant authorities, you have finally completed the superlegalization of official documents. But how to send these documents to the Czech Republic? The easiest way is to attach a stamped postal envelope, including the completed correspondence address, together with the documents you want to legalize.

The second option is the option of ordering a courier service. Here, however, pay attention to whether you, as a foreigner, can pay by courier service by bank transfer or card and whether you can order their services at all. Some courier services do not accept orders from persons who do not have a registered stay in the country where the company offers courier services. If you do not have such an option, we recommend that you contact, where we will arrange for the fast and safe transport of your super-legalized documents back to the Czech Republic, to your hands.

How long does it take to complete the superlegalization of documents

The time from submitting an application for superlegalization of official documents to delivering them to you at can vary in many respects. It depends on:

correct documentation of the necessary documents for superlegalization,
error-free completion of the updated form,
timely payment of settlement fees,
delivery of documents to you at.

The whole process can be complicated from the very beginning, when you submit to the authorities, for example, outdated or incomplete official documents, fill in the form incorrectly or do not process the sending of your documents back to the Czech Republic. Remember that the authorities have a legal deadline for processing documents superlegalization, so this time can also be negatively added to the total processing time of your documents, if you do not know how to proceed correctly. Have the superlegalization of your documents done by us at We will handle the legalization of documents cheaply and, above all, in a hurry.